Saturday, April 09, 2005

Stream of Unconsciousness


That was some break.

But definitely well worth it. Imagine -- during my despicable one-month abandonment of this blog, I even garnered an award. A great, great weblog award. Heck, it's so great that I can't even write the words to properly exaggerate (or poetically understate) the honor bequeathed upon me. If you don't want to be stricken with sheer envy, then hit the "Next Blog" button on the Navbar above, or just smash your monitor with your keyboard and hear the sibilant ssssssssss that marks the death of your computer life (er, at least until you buy a new monitor).

But if you insist…

Image hosted by

The joys of being a blogger! Thank you,!

But of course, I'm not really the World's Lousiest Blogger. Hell, I can name at least one more guy out there in the blogosphere who hasn't updated his blog for a century!

And yes, if you had clicked on the link above, then you'd have been taken to none other than this very same blog. And yes again, that sexy-gurrrl image is nothing but a roughshod piece of art by yours truly, surreptitiously ripped from LevelUp! Games' Ragnarok Online and edited in MS Paint (of all programs).

Which kind of tells you that my one-month absence has done more to unscrew a few nuts and bolts in my head rather than grant rest and peace of mind. Corsarius the Lunatic, anyone?

Actually, it's quite hard to type in a straightjacket.


So, what the hell am I supposed to say now? "I live"?

No, my friends. I believe it should be, "I apologize."

I apologize to myself for having neglected my duties as a Citizen of Blog-Nation. I apologize to my blog for having seriously threatened the short life of Slip of the Pen, born December 2004. And most of all, I apologize to all of you, those who came back from time to time to catch up on my posts, only to leave inconvenienced and disappointed.

I am sincerely sorry.

I will make it up to you, guys. I will.


So what happened?

Well, I had actually planned to leave this blog for only two weeks, which was the time when I was battered by final exams, project deadlines, paper submissions, and the like. All in a quest to, yes, scratch another itch. And believe me, I did scratch that one.

And so when the time came to unwind, I...unwound, what else. I immersed myself in the Playstation, WWE mania, Dungeons & Dragons, and basketball. Heck, that was some chilling out, because my writing hand really froze and my creative juice congealed. I forgot my poetry, my novels-in-progress, and most of all -- my blog. I just didn't want to have anything to do with writing for the moment. I wanted to play.

That moment lasted for another two weeks. Hence, the one whole month of absence.

But as they say, you can't keep a good thing down for so long. And so, here I am once again.

Presenting, Slip of the Pen Phase 3: The Resurgent Corsarius.

*For those of you who might be wondering, Phase 1 was The Bare Corsarius (yeah, the usual Minima Black template) and Phase 2 The Brooding Corsarius (red and black, baby).


It's April 9. Araw ng Kagitingan. And you know what that means.

In commemoration of this deified (reviled) day, I shall allow my face to be finally revealed to those who have not yet seen it.


Image hosted by

I'm the one on the right.

Yeah, I wish. I'm just freakin' glad to see the Chicago Bulls back in the playoff hunt. It pays to be a loyalist, I tell you. With the Jordan and Pippen Era long gone, they have managed to charge into the upper echelons once more.

Go Bulls!


Ah well. Enough for now. Good day to you, my friends.

I'll be back. I promise.


Blogger ia said...


I'm at a loss for words.

Congrats! On everything.


2:14 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...


I'm at a loss for words.

Thank you very much, Ia-chan. :D and more thanks for helping me tweak this blog.

^_____^ --> larger mouth, i think.

2:27 AM  
Blogger - she - said...

i hardly think that you're the world's lousiest blogger. but i did miss you and i'm glad that you're back in the blogging world! finally! :)

3:36 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

sheryl...pinapataba niyo po ang puso ko. thank you so much :D

to non-tagalog readers out there, that means "sheryl, you're making my heart fat" (er... ::teardrop::) :P

3:43 AM  
Blogger kuya said...

congrats, resurgent brother! at least you're not CS Lousiest student.

the header reminds me my newest addiction.

yesterday, i already celebrated pre-Araw ng Kagitingan. although it is my sweetest loss.

hmmm i wish i had "manias by ia"* to help me with my blog... i can manage. :D

* we are to play scrabble right?

7:43 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

jonas, thanks! don't worry, down the road you'll find the right one for you (argh how cliche-ish am I...) :)

and why, you're just doing fine with you're blog. btw, 10101 is long due for its Fourth Shift! good luck, bro.

9:20 PM  
Blogger transience said...

i'm glad you're back, you asshat. why the hell did you make me worry? and you played basketball! argh!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

[typo in my previous comment]

thanks, transience. and hey, i'm really really sorry for the inconvenience.. :( like i've said in this post, i'll make it up to ya (well, if you have something in ur mind on how i'm going to accomplish this, then just tell me, haha).

well, i didn't really play basketball...just watched it on Solar Sports ::grin:: the last weeks of my sem drained all the energy i needed for playing.

i liked that one. asshat. :D never heard that before, but certainly cute.

2:05 PM  
Blogger ia said...

Jonas, my "services" are not exclusive. (Yeah, like I ever had a career.) But some are, anyway. Ahihihi. :P What is "manias by ia" though?

Damned weekend. I think I've been cursed by the Kagitingan ninth too.

C-chan: kawaii des' ne! :P *glomp*

7:22 AM  
Anonymous kai said...

kimpi! ^_^

i'm glad you're back. medyo nakailang balik rin ako dito ah.

lapit na birthday mo! :P

let's meet up naman sometime. update mo ako!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

ia, what does "kawaii des' ne" mean? sorry for my ignorance .. :( peyt!

7:53 PM  
Blogger ia said...

So many anime lovers and nihonggo speakers around and you haven't picked up on anything?

kawaii = cute

*throws heavy Japanese dictionary at you*

There, build on that. I don't even know why I had said what I said. :P

9:29 PM  
Anonymous hera said...

rrrigght. but i'm in total support of all the scratching. ;)

11:55 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to kai: hala! oo nga! i'm leaving my teens! :D sige, let's see kung pwede. OJT ako ngayon e. tska summer class. :(

to here: haha, thanks! :P

1:48 AM  

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