Saturday, January 01, 2005

Musings on Love

One hour into the New Year, I spent a few minutes blog-surfing, and came across a male blogger whose most recent post was about his undying love for a girl.

My first reaction was to click on the "Next Blog" button on the NavBar. But I then noticed the "150 comments" strewn below the post, and so my interest was piqued. Damn, 150 comments?! Love?

I viewed the comments, expecting them to be full of derision and humor (humor stems from another person's misery, you know that). But glory of glories! The comments were in support of the blogger. They appreciated his eternal, undying, unparalleled, ultimate love for the girl. Not a single
negative comment was to be found.

I was shocked.

It was then that I realized that I was truly jaded.

Don't mistake me -- I'm no love-hater. I'm no cold-hearted bastard. I'm still touched by scenes and stories of affection and warmth. I still appreciate love. But that appreciation was, I admit, lessened a couple of years ago.

There was a time that this boy courted a girl for three years, you know. That this boy also fell deeply in love with a girl. That this boy
unabashedly professed his eternal, undying, unparalleled, ultimate love to her in more ways than one. That this boy believed in fairy tales and happy endings.

I think you could guess what was the end of that fairy tale.

About those comments mentioned earlier, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised by them. After all, when I wrote a vignette on my own love story (for a Creative Writing class), packaging it as a fairy tale with a 'happy' ending, the reception was the same. My classmates -- especially the girls -- and the instructress were really touched. They liked the piece. Uh, because of the overwhelming literary talent? Nah. Because it was about love -- a resounding, powerful, completely human theme. They even urged me to publish the piece:

"Oh, you're such a good boy! So traditional, so endearing!"

"Man, you're the type of guy my girlfriend would leave me for!"

"If you publish this, girls will come flocking to you, asking for your hand!"

Eherm. As you can imagine, some of these quotes are a little bit embellished. But the last line carries the original essence of what my teacher said. Yes, she was the one who uttered that.

Maybe someday, I'll post that love vignette slash fairy tale here on this blog. I wrote it a year after my love story's end, just for that writing class. It carried no bitterness, it carried no angst, it just narrated what happened: simple, straight-up, journalistic-like story-telling. And they liked it.

And so in the end, armed with this memory, I decided to write in my own comment for that poor lovestruck guy, to pitch in some advice, to sympathize. What a turn-around! Maybe I'm not so jaded after all.

But his blog didn't accept anonymous comments, and I wasn't logged-in at that time (and had no intention of doing so). I lost the urge.

Oh, the nasty tricks Fate plays on us.


Blogger Celine said...


hey, dont blame yourself. if anybody could explain love, he'd own the world.

hn. Fate, huh? if he was human, i would've killed him at the age of 9.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

hehe..i would've killed him at the age 17... :p

9:34 PM  
Blogger shaitaini khalil said...

It was then that I realized that I was truly jaded.
---> funny that such a realization come to you on the first day of the year. i guess that means somethin, huh?

all i can say is that i was quite familiar with that story... hehehe

guess what? may blogspot rin pala ako, pero hindi ko na siya inasikaso. mas trips ko kasi ang wonderful worlds of lj and blogdrive. pero mas active yung lj ko =)

anyway, i don't think you're as jaded as you think you are. coz if you were, you wouldn't bother writing this entry. yngatz ka.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Ardee Aram said...

"Being in love is like being the One. You can feel it in your very bones" - Oracle, Matrix 1, misquote

Ah... love. Strange. Weird. Exciting. Tastes like Chicken McNuggets.

Errr... erase that last one.

I thought that I could say more things about Loves, Fate, Jaded-ness and stuff, but heck, Love is an anesthesia. Rather, love is an addicting drug. Love prevents you from being useful while you are drifting in that cloud 9 with the one you treasure very most. It usually makes your head numb. Must not be taken more than thrice a day. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

12:56 PM  
Blogger  said...

hey kimpo! may blogger account ako! can you believe? kaso sexcapades ata yun. =P

anyway, as we age and as we experience difficulties, nagiging skeptical tayo. hindi ko na nga alam kung healty pa maging mushy sa age natin.

tapos nalulungkot ako sa happy endings. kasi alam ko hindi naman totoo.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

sa mga nag-take time out to comment: nicely said :) andami kong narirealize at narere-affirm sa sarili ko dahil sa mga sinabi niyo hehe

7:01 PM  
Blogger ia said...

hnnnn! i don't think i need to add to what they said. you know where you are. just lessen the bah-humbugness when you hear us swoon over mushy songs. favorite mo naman eyes on me eh.

uy si minik! :D *waves*

10:58 PM  
Blogger  said...

kimpo! you're such a lazy fuck! =p

4:39 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

o sya sya, dahil sabi sa akin ni kai sa text msg, generic daw reply ko sa mga comments:

well, i admit, from time to time i display that 'humbug-ness' ia just mentioned...kaya nga nasabi kong jaded ako, hehe. but i do my best to keep it down.

trivia: akmang-akma, saktong-sakto ang post kong ito. kanina lang ay nakita ko sya sa Palma Hall. Buti na lang i didn't skitter like an excited kid. Kept my composure. Right, ia? :)

2:58 PM  
Blogger kuya said...

---> "Oh, you're such a good boy! So traditional, so endearing!"

But girls (okey, most of them) crosses the traditionals out in their collect-then-select list. Mas gusto pa nila na nababastos(to use the term) Ewan.

--->"If you publish this, girls will come flocking to you, asking for your hand!" Eherm.

Eherm. Eherm. Eherm. Based din sa experience ko, hindi rin! Madalas yung girl na gusto mo pa ang nagsasabi nyan... if you publish this, OTHER girls will come flocking to you...--->Oh, the nasty tricks Fate plays on us.

...plays on me too.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

Jonas said: But girls (okey, most of them) cross the traditionals out in their collect-then-select list. Mas gusto pa nila na nababastos(to use the term) Ewan.

Um, ayaw ko ding mag-generalize, pero sa case ko ganon nga ang nangyari. haaay buhay. :p

11:01 PM  

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