Sunday, November 13, 2005

XX Things About the Corsarius

Had there been another X in the title, this would've been a vulgar post worthy of being flagged as 'objectionable content'. However, the 'XX' merely stands for '20', that is, twenty things about this corsair. (You know my affinity for the Roman ways.)

Gari over at Bangketa Republique tagged me to do this thang. The Corsarius rarely does these 'memes', but I wanted to try this out. I've deciced to write this in Tagalog, and as such I'd redirect you now to Karimlan. It's my blog in the native tongue, rarely updated. Para naman magkalaman ngayon.

I'll more or less follow Gari's train of thought. I won't be tagging anyone specifically -- I don't want to burden busy bloggers; instead, anyone who reads the whole post over at Karimlan is automatically tagged. Fair enough, I think.

[Will be posting something later.]