Monday, October 31, 2005

A Crimson Crux Interruption

Crimson Crux Screenshot
I must apologize to those who've patiently dropped by this space from time to time. I admit, the past months have not been the glory days for my relatively young journal -- I wrote ZERO posts for September and a measly FOUR pieces (including this one, which shouldn't be even included!) for October. Me bad.

While Slip of the Pen has been chugging along with scant fuel, Crimson Crux -- yep, that other tech-oriented weblog -- has been doing fine. In fact, I've actually managed to make a DOZEN posts for it this month.

Fear not, this imbalance will be soon rectified by the Corsarius, and blogging equilibrium shall be attained. For now, allow ol' thick-faced me to shamelessly promote my other blog, Crimson Crux. (Little boy voice: Do drop by, please? Haha. And if you do have the time to visit, just let me know so I can repay the favor.)