Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Poems: Madness by the Candlelight

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Sometimes, frenzy can erupt even when only the most feeble of inspirations guide you.

Comfort Reek

the stench
of the cinema restroom
is overpowering,
so I pull my shirt
over my nose
and inhale
the faint scent
of my perfumed

8:56 PM
October 24, 2005

Bilateral Talks

he puts a premium
on communication,
a way to transcend
his and her limitations.

so one day,
his hand vised around hers,
stressed by uneven sidewalks,
scorched by the midday sun,
choked by the jeepneys’ exhaust —

she tries to protest, but
he swipes her cellphone and
throws it down to the concrete.

he turns to her, saying:
“of course, the phone is smashed to pieces.”

09:57 PM
November 28, 2005


i have been pressing on i for some time now
(thirty minutes, i think)
but i is still not responding.
i is proving to be an irritant, and i
am getting irritated.
i can’t type, i can’t see i onscreen,
i is nullified.
finally, i grab the keyboard with both hands,
hold it above my head, then
hurl it across the room.
one plastic piece shatters to a thousand,
i flies to the open chamberpot
and sinks to the pee-pool’s bottom.
i versus i, i for an i —
like the whole keyboard,
i isn’t indomitable
but i am.

09:59 PM
November 28, 2005


Blogger ia said...

writings are especially memorable if they hit you in some way or another.

i'll say no more except that they were all good fun. ^_^v

9:04 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

hehe...wasn't Comfort Reek a poem too senseless for its own good? ;)

glad you liked them.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Abaniko said...

Hmm, a Neruda in the making...

4:52 PM  
Blogger yayam said...

they're cute. i liked comfort reek. hahaha.. your words are amazing even though they talked of small things only.. :D

8:09 PM  
Blogger claudzki said...

i liked "typo" best of all....
very Insightful :)

8:41 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to abaniko: thanks, but i believe that's too big of a compliment.. ;)

to yayam: Comfort Reek is short, but i'm definitely amused by it. my poetry (if u can call it that) focuses more on 'petty' things. it has been a habit, haha. and thank you so much for the kind words, yayam.

to claudzki: thanks. as soon as i finished scribbling Typo on the back pages of my notebook, i knew i had a good one :D (or at least, good enough for me..)

10:49 PM  
Blogger viruswitch said...

Your poems are pleasant to read, at some points really funny! But I keep thinking of the poor cell phone.. :))


6:07 AM  
Blogger bing said...

hi, corsi! Comfort Reek is hilarious.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to viruswitch: thanks! but how about the poor girl? (i'm very much a cruel storyteller, i guess... inflicting this and that pain on this and that character, including cellphones :P)

to bing: hi tita! :D salamat po.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Senor Enrique said...

Very nice. Very talented!

Thanks for the visit.

eric aka senor enrique

2:16 AM  
Blogger snst_blvd said...

winner! lol ^_^

10:16 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to senor enrique: you're welcome; thank you very much for the compliment.

to sunset_eyes: yeeha! ;)

1:28 AM  
Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

i like the banner ..

6:50 PM  
Anonymous kita said...

they makes me meep - ie brilliant... :)

and yes i'm now sorting out what i'm going to do!

5:26 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to c.jordan: thanks, man.

to kita: hey, that's a cute way of putting it! ;) as for the sorting -- good for you. i'm not done yet with mine. the algorithm's taking up too much computational power, methinks.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Li'l Light said...

i am more attracted to the picture.

how did you get that photo of me?

kidding. ;)

5:00 PM  
Blogger De.vile said...

I loved the first one so much Id rather not read the others fearing I might like it lesser.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

to little light: call me a stalker. i have my ways. just kiddin!

to de.vile: honestly, at first i didn't know if i was going to post the first poem...but then the Muses whacked me on the head for my indecision, hissing to my ear, "post it! post it! post it! silly poems sometimes make good reads."

were they right about that. ;) thanks.

8:55 PM  

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