Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Week After

Tempus edax rerum.

The week after, and I'm still getting a kick out of it.

I never imagined blogging to be this fun. This...addictive.

(As if you've never heard someone say that before.)

But believe me. For every million blog-lovers in the world, there exists another million blog-haters and blog-don't-cares. I was one of the latter. Was.

That past self has been eaten away.

Tempus edax rerum... Time, the devourer of all things.*

Because I'm feeling geeky and stat-oriented right now, here's a rundown on what's been happening on my blog's 'Inception' week.

[Tallied by StatCounter, as of January 5, 2005 (yesterday)]

>> There have been 176 unique visitors, making 590 page-loads.
>> As usual, Windows XP users have it going (88% of my visitors). Linux is second with eight percent.
>> The most welcome stat of all: Firefox users, 83%; Internet Explorer, 12%. This blog is best viewed in the first browser. Feed the fire(fox)!
>> Of course, 77% of visitors came from the Philippines, while four percent came from the US of A. Three percent were Malaysians, while 11% were listed as "Unknown". A new constituent of the United Nations!

'Nuff said. For now.

*slipped from the great Ovid's tongue


Blogger ia said...

wish ko lang din marunong ako maglatin no. too bad wala bang dead languages elective sa up???

fun magconvert ng pipol to firefox ah.

congrats. on a totally unrelated thing you will eventually post here. 217! (ibang version. gets mo kaya?)

"A new constituent of the United Nations!"
---> :P

ano nga ba hirit ni jonas tungkol sa un? di ko tuloy maalala kung gets ko.

1:33 AM  
Blogger shaitaini khalil said...

blog addict! blog addict!

hmmm... actually. since you love writing, i'm not surprised that you've become addicted to this.


7:06 AM  
Blogger kuya said...

hey Slip of the Pen readers,

>> u know wat, every time i am about to edit my blog's template, my fingertips type the Slip's url in the address bar. this is my appetizer. my inspiration.

>> the 'next blog' button on upper right is useless.

>> if there exist free counters of visiting time rather than the number of visitors, then you will get my previous point

>> this bro rocks!

>> [jonas clicked the link to his blogspot]

>> P.S. about my hirit, UN kasi the blog speaks several languages.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

ia said..
on a totally unrelated thing you will eventually post here. 217!
--> pardon me ia-chan, but i can't get it! :(

shaitaini khalil said...
blog addict! blog addict!
--> Truly, the blog is the new opium for the Web masses.

Jonas said...
--> everything this guy said made me speechless. ehe! :)
thanks bro. [now, for the guys out there who want to read beautiful Tagalog words weaved into images and dreams, visit Jonas' blog!]

5:33 PM  
Blogger ia said...

"--> pardon me ia-chan, but i can't get it! :("

kung may idaragdag ako oobvious masyado. you know it in hex. =P

12:06 AM  
Blogger Corsarius said...

oh. i get it haha :)

12:14 AM  
Blogger kuya said...

---> to ia & corsarius

4:53 PM  

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